Roconut is a reference brand in the acquisition, processing and packaging to distributors and retailers of walnut kernels collected from private growers from Transylvania-Romania. Our scope is to give satisfaction by providing small growers Romans processing their products with the latest technology that guarantees the highest quality of the walnut kernels, ROCONUT standard, premium quality standard. Each year, along with our growers have created a team that leads on the European market our mission to guarantee the best quality for walnut kernels to ensure final consumers the certainty tangible of our creed “Live Healthy”.

Always in search of sales growth, our vision is focused on correct business philosophy where the grower, processor, distributor and retailer join hands for the benefit of all by the maximum satisfaction of the consumer. This vision determined to join the team and our principles, most of householders growers from Transylvanian region of Romania.
ROCONUT walnut kernels, packaged for wholesalers, distributors or retailers, fully in line with the vision of quality certified both by institutions and by authorizing the quality but olso by consumer customer appreciation, decider of all of us, for business to operate.

With an experience of over a quarter century, our company has learned that a honest business handshake, gives the relationship much more than dozens of pages in a written contract with smaller or higher letters because, after all, businesses are made between people and not between machines of all kinds.
The value that we develop in business relations is given by trust and consistency sustained by business profits gave both sides of the deal.
We are proud that our customers and suppliers stay with us year after year, confirming that ROCONUT values are found in the welfare of all recommendations that always bring new partners in businesses with Romanian walnut kernels.

The main resource in ROCONUT, as in any business, are primarily ourselves with accumulated experiences wich are all salt and pepper of business toghether with our suppliers growers that inspire us daily along with confidence garanted from our customers.
Transylvania on the same line with Moldova and California, represents the happy region for our private growers, a serious resource with hundreds of years of tradition on Romanian land.
The key to our success in relation to the resources that give life the ROCONUT brand, is understanding the risk and challenge faced constantly growers, with whom, we annual negotiations and not longer periods, making really to “live healthy” without emotions.

ROCONUT name comes from the well known abbreviations family companies, RO &CO Soft Srl Oradea, who leads the advanced technology from Romania’s western region for 25 years, with a figure in million euros close its period of existence. Each year the company grew realizing its own development resources.

The top IT achievements in the period 2005-2010 (when many lived with the pain of the crisis) has not touched the company owners, family Sabau, iluminated by gleam idea known as “not have to put eggs in one basket”, correlated with the whole family’s passion for nuts, created under the same umbrella legal, ROCONUT brand.

In this context, in Romania, near the town of Oradea Nojorid, RO & CO Soft Srl has created an entity processing of walnut kernels which has the task, symbiosis combined satisfaction between private grower and final consumer. It aims at achieving the best walnut kernels for the European market.

With a team of 35-40 employees, ROCONUT manages to process 50-60 tons of finite walnut kernels per month finished according to international norms and quality certification approved.

Being family business will expand solid investment that will lead to an annual production of over 1,000 tons of walnut kernels premium branded ROCONUT.

ROCONUT products are the natural consequence of a production cycle very well very well developed as a result of an audit management ISO 2008. In this way, ROCONUT with a professional team in the field of walnut kernels, carries four types of activities internationally approved for walnut kernels.

Those four activities, in chronological order are as follows; -acquisition of walnuts, – walnut kernels processing, -packing product in specific wholesale systems, retailers, – packing product ROCONUT for retailers in various weights and specific packaging.

1-acquisition of walnut kernels is made from hundreds of individual cultivators in Transylvania. The merchandise is transported to ROCONUT headquarters Nojorid of Oradea Romania, where is checked for moisture and quality, then is stored in specially prepared areas for dehumidification.

2- ROCONUT processing has in turn the following steps:- dehumidifying from internal core humidity 13-14% to 6-7% achieved by a single system in Europe recirculation fresh air filtrate by the use of energy resulting from dehumidification based pumps air / air. One caveat it is worth mentioning, as at the reception, walnut kernels is stored in order dehumidifying categories of humidity, in such a way as to be processed homogeneous goods.

Drying of the walnuts is made in another space, with the same procedure of air circulation through continuous refresh technique that ensures naturalness pleasant taste and crunchy condition after drying walnut kernels. These two procedures are done slowly, just not to dehumidify and dry core strength in the short term, which would thus lead to impaired quality.

The sorting of walnut kernels is done manually and automatically using sorting technologies and core selection of sizes and colors. Walnut kernels is stored in controlled atmosphere and in precincts that allow ventilation in 10-15 cm layer above it.

3- walnut kernels packaging for wholesale distributors depending on the size, shape and color in boxes of 10 kg free or vacuum with cardboard separator in bags of 5 kg.

4- packaging for retailers in vacuum bags of 0.2 kg or in controlled-atmosphere bags of 0.2 kg or 0.1 kg.
The categories of walnut kernels result are: halves, quarters, pieces 6 mm and finely chopped nuts with or without sugar.


Apparently walnut kernels, regardless of origin, it is the same, but only apparently, or we all know that looks can be deceiving and that details make the difference. So, just in details we can see the difference between ROCONUT walnut kernels and others.
May jokingly or seriously, without prejudice of brands automobile, but exactly as Dacia and Mercedes do the same thing, you walk from here / there, the difference in the way it does, so it is with the difference between ROCONUT walnut kernels and others.
It resembles in shape but the taste makes you choose ROCONUT and never something else.

But why?
1.Nuts come from individual households where trees are not being treated with pesticides or any other chemicals- it’s all natural like at home.
2. In 2008-2011 we were careful to choose from thousands of manufacturers who comply with only a few hundred ROCONUT standards.
3- the growers were ready to make the delivery at a maximum moisture checked at reception of walnut kernels, so that part of the drying process to achieve natural, at the cultivator.
4 -dehumidifying and drying of walnut kernels is performed with advanced technology, which is similar to the procedure and during slow drying and natural walnut in “grandmother bridge” from the country.
5- sorting carefully and great care combined forms, manual and advanced technology eliminates any qualitative observation on ROCONUT walnut kernels.
The five arguments are essential details that transform the ROCONUT name into a brand of Romanian and European walnut kernels authorized.

The climax of 25 years of a company in Oradea achieved by developing multi-vector foreign Typhoon activity in ’97, and the global crisis of 2008 were the obstacle which exceeded RO & CO Soft SRL Oradea by developing in parallel on the same the company has several areas of activity unconnected. The company bore the brunt of IT activities in Bihor county in the last 25 years assuring the hard and soft providing to private clients, the public and individuals.
This was a safe method through which the dependence of a costumer in total turnover to be below 5%, which caused the collapse of some of these beneficiaries in the two times of true crisis, will not affect the course in good of RO & CO Soft SRL Oradea.